Vacancies @ SDSI

PUBLISHED : 13/04/2017

SDSI is growing steadily and therefore we’re looking for new staff! Read what it’s like working with us!

Vacancies @ SDSI

Working @ SDSI, what is it like?

Working at SDSI is working in a small, informal and strong team. There’s is a pleasant and friendly working atmosphere and relaxation between the hard work is something we find very important. In our work quality is something which is highly valued by us. Not just because we like a little challenge ourselves, but also because it’s something our clients expect from us.

To guarantee this quality it is important for everyone to perform optimally. Therefor we’re flexibel in your worktimes but also in your personal development. Within SDSI you can excel as team player and at the same time be of added value with your personal talent.

At SDSI we cover every aspect of interior engineering, which makes work diverse as well as challenging.

Interested in working at SDSI? Check our vacancies here!